Self-sufficient irrigation system

  • Innovative patented technology that allows food to grow faster than normal at home and accessible to all.
  • There is no water contamination which eliminates insects, like mosquitoes etc. Does not smell of stagnant or rotten water.
  • Felts inside allow the soil to be kept with adequate humidity.
  • Productivity: Higher production per square meter, since the products can be planted with minimum distances, resulting in higher production yields and reducing the intervals.

Self-sustaining agriculture

  • Allows anyone to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers within home and consume fresh produce directly from the land.
  • Effective irrigation system that saves water. Watering intervals of 15 or more days depending on what is planted.
  • Low maintenance and great durability.
  • All nutrients in the water tank being consumed according to plant needs.
  • Increased productivity and products grow faster with less land.

Multipurpose product

  • Allows you to plant flowers, fruits, vegetables or aromatic herbs.
  • Several varieties in the same planter

Family approved!

  • Introduce farming and healthy habits to the children.
  • Easy maintenance even for modern and busy families.
  • Be a farmer without a farm.