Refund Policy

RAIZ offers 14 days with no questions about the money back guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the product, he can return it for a refund, provided the following criteria are met: The customer received our product in the last 14 days, provide a proof of purchase (order number or email) purchase confirmation), the customer will cover the cost of return fees.

A full refund is also available up to 30 days after receipt of the product, provided the following additional criteria are met:

RAIZ products are in their original packaging and in the same condition as they were received. The customer must cover the costs of the return fees.

To return a RAIZ product, contact us, our support team, provides all necessary transport information and additional details, being a necessary condition. Before the refund can be processed, RAIZ must receive the product returned by the customer.

RAIZ products sold through resellers, business partners or other sites are not eligible for a refund through us. See the return policies for more information, where you purchased them.

If the product is damaged and you wish to cancel it, it must be paid in full.

If the customer wants to return the product, he must cover the shipping costs related to this return.

When packing the product for return, check that all parts received are included and are not damaged. Send the product back in its original box and packaging.


To make an exchange, the packaging must not have been opened and contact our support team.

Warranty replacements

All of our RAIZ products come with a 5-year warranty. To qualify for a warranty replacement, the following criteria must be met:

The customer, bought the product in the last 5 years, has a proof of purchase (order number or email confirming the purchase). If purchased through a reseller, business partner or other website, the customer must provide a copy of the original receipt.

For warranty inquiries on RAIZ products, contact our support team at The support team provides all necessary transport information and additional details, which is a necessary condition. We cannot provide a warranty replacement for any damage caused by the customer.  

Shipping costs

We cover shipping costs, in case it is a return or replacement of the warranty. If you wish to return the item(s) for any reason not covered by the warranty, you are required to pay shipping charges.

Shipping weight limit

Our system limits checkout process with orders above 30kg. Contact us for customised requests.

Damaged or defective items

All damaged packaging must be reported within 5 business days of receipt. Do not discard any product or packaging until all shipping problems have been resolved.

Contact us reporting the damaged packaging. Please do not forget to include photo or video of the product (s) or damaged packaging and full description of the damage.